A scandal in the headlines - Caitlin Crews

A Scandal in the Headlines - Caitlin Crews

I enjoyed the story of Elena and Alessandro in its own odd way .


This is probably the secret dream of every (poor) woman ; to be captive on a luxurious yacht with a rich and cad bad boy. To be stepped on.To forget about her pride and to be a slave of physical attraction.


Seriously , I just cannot understand her as a character.Her way of thinking. She tries to escape from her violent ex-future-husband but she doesn't mind being a sex slave for a Corretti man , one of the most dangerous.Also I don't see the difference between Elena and Alessandro's ex-future-wife.Both of the girls left before their wedding because they had in mind another male and borth of the guys are bullies who believe that they can own a woman and play with her like a toy just because they can and they have money.


I fail to see the love story and the romance in this book , there are no feelings , just sex.Just a sexual fantasy.