Z2 - Sherrie Cronin

z2 - Sherrie Cronin

I admit that I always judge a book after :


1. The cover.


2. The title.

And I ( almost )never read the preview.

That's how I ended up joining this giveaway.At first I thought that it was the story of a basketball player but then the title got my attention and it was pretty intriguing.I read the preview on GoodReads after I received the book and when I saw that the book belongs to Sience Fiction and time traveling I was a bit disappointed as I'm not really into SF books and I hate math , quantum physics and everything that has to do with that.


So I started reading it and the fact that it contains different stories , connected one way or the other , made me go on with the book.I love such books and I was so curious to see the big puzzle at the end of it.


So from a girl who does not like Sience Fiction , either the book is too well written or I am too sensitive , at the end of the book ...a few tears started to fall.


The deep feelings between Alex and Lola made my heart melt!It's hard to get used to the characters , live with them, join them in each of their action and at the end...you can see their future ,which of course always leads to death.I hate it when a book ends like that but at the same time I love it!It is hard to explain.


This book is officially one of the very few favourite Sience Fiction books!The author sure knows her things , she studied before writing this book and you can tell that she knows the facts.These are not just random words on a few sheets of paper!Everything fits perfectly!


I am so looking forward to read y1 and Xo too and I am so honored to have this book in my bookshelf!